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Heres a little taste of what´s to come on our blog this year.


AA zucchini inlägg 1B

Italian flavoured zucchinis

This year we got more zucchinis than ever before, so we used the following recipe to preserve the zucchinis to be eaten later on this winter. Read more…

melonifetajuustosalaatti – Kopio

Watermelon – Feta Cheese – Salad

This is something we make every now and then during the barbeque season in Finland. It´s a refreshing salad that goes well with bbq meat. Amounts in the recipe is approx. You take what you have. Read more…


Fried Zucchini with Thymes and Parmigiano Cheese

Creamy and tasty fried Zucchini tastes good with meat and with pasta, or just as is. You can vary the recipe and taste by choosing another cheese or by using some other herbs, but here we want to share a good combination with you. Read more…


Blueberry Swiss Roll

I love the combo of white chocolate and blueberries. We made an wonderful vanilla-blueberry jam and wanted to use it in a Swiss Roll, so that’s from where this recipe came. Try it and let me know what you think. Read more…

sweetfoodomine fritters

Zucchini Fritters

In our garden we have more Zucchinis than we can eat or use. We have made different kinds of foods of Zucchinis such as soups, salads, pies, so now it was time to try some Zucchini pancakes och steaks if you like. At the beginning I was a little skeptical to this recipe. But even thou it seems watery and running the zucchini fritters dough, when you fry them they keep together,a nd the taste is fenomenal. We made a basil-turkish yoghurt dip that really lifted up the whole meal. This is absolutely a recipe we are going to use over and over again. Read more…


This year

Hello dear readers. Read more…


Tomato – Basil Bruchetta

Bruchetta is from the beginning an appetizer from Central Italy. Bruchetta is a roasted or grilled bread with garlic, olive oil, tomato and herbs. As we have discovered so many times before, it is usually the easy things that makes the good times. Read more…


Tuna Pie

Today we made a tuna and shrimp pie, and the good thing about this one is that you can make it and prepare it and just let it be for hours before serving. Perfect if you´re gonna have company in the evening and you don´t like to stress out too much about it. The taste is really good and it´s easy to make. You can serve it warm or cold, but let it stand for a while after you lift it out from the oven so that the tastes can really set. Read more…


Vanilla Ice Cream

Nothing is as good as homemade ice cream. Here is a recipe on a vanilla ice cream we made for an apple pie. Read more…

arabialainen kahvikakku.2

Arabian Coffeecake

Here comes a good recipe on coffeecakes. I have been using this recipe for years, and we make this cake year around to the coffee table. Sometimes I leave the frosting out but the cake still dissapeares within hours. Read more…


Spicy Eggplant Salad

This is a must-try recipe.Serve this salad warm with rice or bread. Read more…


Chicken-Curry Soup

Sometimes all you need is something warm and good to eat that fills you up. J If you´re going to make this soup as a main course I would suggest to double the amount of everything, and if it is going to be as a starter this recipe is enough for four persons. Read more…


Pear, watercresse and walnut salad

What a combination, simple and classy. Don`t try to make this when you feel

like it, make it when you can find perfect pears and watercress, otherwise it will taste

naff. This recipe is from Jamie Olivers book, The Naked Chef Returns. I just simply love this salad. Read more…


Mozzarrelline croccanti

Make these super easy mozzarella balls and you got yourself a tasty snack Read more…


This year didn´t start the way we wanted, atleast what goes fo the blogging. In the end of last year someone hacked our homepage and deleted all the information on the page, so it took quite a while to get everything back in order. And now my computer is on service because I have experienced a lot of different problems with it from when I bought it, and I haven´t had the chance to concentrate on blogging the way I wanted to. There is a lot of recipes and photos waiting for you, but unfortunately I can´t get too them before my computer is fixed :( So we hope that I´ll get it back soon.

kebab 3


Here is a great and simple way to make your own kebab.I can promise that it is worth trying. Read more…

tonnikala muna rullat

Tuna-egg rolls

Here is a quick and easy recipe for evening snack or why not serve these if you get unexpected guests Read more…

new year

New Year 2013

Now when the New Years party is behind us and we are officially living in 2013 we wanted to share with you what might be happening on sweetfoodomine.com the upcoming year. Read more…

villisika annos

Sweet Wild Boar O´Mine

Our neighbor called us one evening and asked if we wanted to buy some meat, and that´s how 27 kg of wild boar meat ended up in our freezer. Here comes the first recipe in the wild boar series from us. The only thing we want to say about this dish is that it melts in your mouth and it is definitely worth trying if you get your hands on some wild boar meat. Read more…

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